Cooling and ventilation

We install fans for cooling, ventilation, drying/moisture removal.

We specialise in the installation of the Breeze Power fan


Breeze Power is a fresh air cooling system which consists of a large quiet fan installed in the roof above an automatic louvred shutter. When operating the fan draws air into the house through windows or doors. The air passes through the shutter into the roof space, and is then expelled to the outside through eaves vents. The air flowing through the house creates a cooling breeze for the occupants and also cools the interior. The air passing through the roof prevents a build up of very hot air in the roof space, which can radiate heat into the house.

Breeze Power creates a cooling effect of 5 to 9 degrees depending on outside temperature and relative humidity. It is an energy efficient alternative to air conditioning – ideal for running on solar power. One Breeze Power fan can replace several ‘whirlybird’ ventilators in the roof space and ceiling fans inside the house


  • Healthy fresh air – cooking odours, fumes, moisture, airborne chemicals are all removed as well as the heat
  • Quiet operation
  • Long Service life with low maintenance
  • Energy efficient – motor runs on about 250 Watt (one third horsepower) – ideal for using solar power
  • Only the shutter is visible inside the house
  • Easily installed in one day
  • Replaces air conditioning or reduces operating costs of existing air conditioning


The fans are available in 2 sizes to suit all houses. In very large spaces multiple fans can be used. The volume of the house is measured and the correct size of fan to provide about 35 air changes an hour is selected. The fan is located in a central position in the house, usually in a hallway, and installed out of sight in the roof space, directly above the shutter which is fitted in the ceiling. In a 2 storey house the fan is usually installed in the upstairs roof space above the stairs so that air can be drawn from all parts of the house. The fan requires a power point in the in the roof and a variable speed control is installed at a convenient position on the wall in the house.

Breeze Power can also be installed in schools, nursing homes, work places, sports centres, warehouses, agricultural buildings.

Breezepower Whole House Fans